MATEO BARRIGA Mateo Barriga Salazar (1985) is an Ecuadorian photographer who lives in Quito. He has participated in different photographic exhibitions in Ecuador, Colombia and Spain. He has recently been involved in audiovisual projects as co-director of photography in the documentary ‘El Elefante Dormido’ [The sleeping elephant] by Daniela Moreno Wray (2014-present) and co-director of […]


Loopa Mateo

VALPARAÍSO PERDIDO Valparaíso Perdido is a collaborative experience that originates within the framework of the FIFV [Valparaíso International Photography Festival] as a theoretical and practical workshop led by Nicolas Janowski. The aim of the project was to develop a collective, digital and interactive narrative among all the participants during seven days.  Based on this, the […]


Loopa Daia

DAIA The Delegation of Argentinian Israeli Associations (DAIA) has the mission of fighting against all expressions of anti-Semitism, discrimination, racism and xenophobia, preserving human rights, promoting interreligious dialogue and harmonious coexistence among all citizens within a framework of respect for differences.  LOOPA redesigned its website with the purpose of changing its online presence and introducing […]


Loopa Brodsky

MARCELO BRODSKY Marcelo Brodsky is an artist and human rights activist. His works are part of the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Tate Collection in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Jewish Museum in New York, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Argentina and the […]


Loopa Nacho

IGNACIO COLÓ Ignacio Coló is a photographer and photo editor born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His photographs are regularly published in media, such as Financial Times (UK), Le Monde (France), L ́Equipe Magazine (France), France Football (France), Society (France), El Mundo (Spain), Papel (Spain), de Volkskrant (Netherlands), Art Magazine (Germany), among others. LOOPA developed his […]


Loopa Turma

TURMA TURMA is a platform for education, production and promotion of the Latin American visual culture. With an emphasis on education and editorial work, Turma suggests the crossing of disciplines and the teaching of visual language and promotes photography as an experience of knowledge, collective participation and social transformation.  LOOPA was in charge of the […]



ADRIFT IN BLUE Adrift in Blue is a project where Nicolás Janowski´s photography, video, sound, poetry and archive material converge to narrate and recreate the historical imaginary associated with Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) as a border-place; the last frontier of civilization anchored at the southern end of inhabitable land.  Together with the author, LOOPA designed […]


The purpose of the Pampa Energía FOLA Award is to support and promote Latin American image makers by giving the winners a significant amount of money and unique opportunities to exhibit their work in galleries and photography festivals.  For its 2018 edition, LOOPA designed and developed an online system capable of receiving hundreds of registrations […]



MESABIERTA is a network which connects people and projects that try to improve the way we interact as individuals and as a community by sharing information, experiences and opportunities from the world of gastronomy as a social and cultural expression.  At LOOPA, we designed the esthetics that goes with the project in its online version […]

Invisible River

Loopa Kirchuk

RÍO INVISIBLE Rio Invisible is a project of the photographer Alejandro Kirchuk, which started in 2015 with the purpose of exploring the human and natural ecosystem of the Matanza-Riachuelo basin (in Argentina) and the life of the people who are very close to the river and are exposed to its contamination daily.  Together with the […]