Loopa Consol Branding Identidad Marca Loopa

Consol Trade is a private door-to-door mail or courier service. It is a service in charge of shipping online purchases from abroad without the need of any paperwork or long queues at Customs. 

LOOPA was responsible for the brand kickoff, creating the visual and discursive identity design, as well as the general strategy of promotion, advertising and positioning.  In this way, the following communication pieces were generated: branding manual, institutional stationery, website, chatbot, signage, packaging and clothing. LOOPA currently manages the contents of Consol Trade in social networks, as well as the digital advertising campaigns.

Loopa Consol Pagina Web Desarrollo SEO
Loopa Consol
Loopa Consol Trade Sitio Web Desarrollo
Web Responsive Loopa

Adapted to mobile devices

loopa Buscadores SEO Posicionamiento Web

Configured for web positioning

Sitio Web Autoadministrable Desarrollo Loopa

Integrated with Tracking System

ChatBot Desarrollo ChatOnline loopa

Chatbot for online queries

Loopa Consol Trade Sitio Web Desarrollo
Loopa Consol Trade Sitio Web Desarrollo
Loopa Redes Sociales Community Manager Facebook Instagram

Management and maintenance of social networks and online advertising.