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Monday, Sept 12

Tuesday, Sept 13

Wednesday, Sept 14

Thursday, Sept 15

Friday, Sept 16

9:00 a. m.


Facilitation Skills

Sue Philips


One Ipsos, Many Countries

Simon Atkinson, Aynsley Taylor or Daniel Duffy


Personal Connections 

Paul Stamper


News on AMD

Alexandre de Saint-Leon

10:00 a. m.


OPENING – Meet Ben Page

Agility: a Learning Organization. Ben Page and Perrine Dufros 


Going DIY. Leveraging Fast Facts for faster insights 

Rene Spaans /  Klaus Mikkelsen 


Leadership Behaviours

Sandrine Gahinet


The Inclusion Imperative: Thinking about Cultural Transferability

Radhecka Roy / April Jeffries / Marcio Aguilar


Why is Social Intelligence relevant in MR?

Leendert de Voogd / Sandro Kaulartz 

11:00 a. m.


The science of change

Colin Strong


The new Ipsos brand narrative: A recipe for brand success

 Josh Samuel / Zarif Kahn


Spotlight on Product Testing 

Nikolai Reynolds


Meaningful conversations

Paul Stamper


Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence; Myth or Reality? 

Rich Timpone

12:00 p. m.


Redefining emotion – The role of emotion in Decision-Making  Manuel García-García


Pitch to Win

Ruth Lowsley


News on Audience Measurement

Liz Landy


Diversity & Inclusion: Impact of racism and increased allyship for business

Manuel García – García / Malinda Midkiff / April Jeffries


Better survey design for better quality insights 

Cecile Carre / Jim Leonick /Poornima Vijayan

1:00 p. m.



Sue Phillips


Empty Planet: the shock of global population decline 

Darrell Bricker


Win and Retain Business with the IKC 

Simon Atkinson, Aynsley Taylor or Daniel Duffy


News on BHT 

Benoit Tranzer/Zarif Kahn (TBC)


Our future Health 

Micheal Spedding / Jo Appleton

2:00 p. m.


What is creativity in advertising & how to get to effectiveness? 

Shaun Dix / Arnaud Debia


News on SIA

Leendert de Voogd / Sandro Kaulartz 


Make a Commitment to Personal Resilience

Janet Kankarla


The power of research panels

Frank Kelly / Leah Mctiernan


Moving towards automated reporting with Harmoni

Hamish Munro / Leah McTiernan

3:00 p. m.


The IKC – An Ipsos Secret Weapon 

Simon Atkinson, Aynsley Taylor


Omnichannel Leadership Best Practices   

Alison Chaltas


Client Knowledge

Paul Stamper


Innovating Innovation 

Virginia Weil / Alison Harvey TBD



Brigitte Biteau

4:00 p. m.


News on Ipsos UU

Jacquie Matthews


Becoming a CX Master

Helen Wilson / Nicolas Fritis


Reflections: Understanding your path for a sharper future

Tony Zamora


Critical Thinking & Storytelling 

Douwe Rademaker



Awards:  Contest Winners Global

5:00 p. m.


MISFITS: How creativity in advertising sparks brand growth 

Adam Sheridan


Growth drivers

Douwe Rademaker/Alyson Leavy 


Analytic with your Global Modelling Unit  

Gaëlle Vadeleux


Writing for business: create content tol impress your clients and your peers 

Emmanuel Probst




Career Development Planning

Janice Jarrett and/or Jason Brown or TA Initiatives Member


Managing Energy and Balance 

Neil Grant 


From the North America to the World

Janice Jarrett/Jason Brown/TA Initiatives Member or SL Champion


The Marketing Phycologist 

Remon Talaat


NMO and our learnings so far 

Irina Petric


The Norwegian Monitor

John Spilling


Motivation and Empowerment or Empathy in Leadership

Marina Bezouglova


Measure the impact of in store activation

Diego Persali


Who killed creativity?

Bassam / TBD


Clients in the shoes of researchers

TBD (Bulgaria team)



Who are you being?

An Ontological approach

Ena Rivera